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Rom Nexus One: eViL’s Q&D NXSense v.1.04 720p, BT, FM radio [23/08]


Una valida alternativa alla grande CyanogenMod è la eViL basata sulla versione ufficiale 2.09 dell’HTC Desire.

Queste le caratteristiche principali:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF91)
  • HTC Sense new Base official v2.09
  • 720p video recording
  • 5mp camera
  • APP2SD+
  • A2SDLegacy
  • App Sharing
  • Car Home
  • Plurk
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • kernel (svs-oc-uv, 1190mhz) with interactive scaling

Non funziona:

  • USB Mounting
  • 100% reliable BT (it works with some fiddling)
  • FM radio


FM, BT, 720p & avs with my new kernel – updated to IR’s .35 source & ported in HTC’s camera (source at the bottom of this post)
Moved fonts to /data
updated services & framework for better TA support
includes TA
updated Titanium backup, Superuser & DT a2sd


Trackball Alert support! Kudos to lilHermit – buy his app

Updated 34.1 kernel

Updated Google Quick Search


Green pix with flash (workaround – set White Balance to daylight if you need flash)

Mail – General settings FC’s

v.1.02t r2

Added smooth sense icons with white battery by jercik

Fixed APN’s

Calendar fix included

Added USB automount

Added Droid X/2 multi-touch keyboard

Updated kernel – now using BFQ

Switched back to N1 build.prop


Complete Deodexed build

darktremor a2sd from here

Trackball wake

Fixed green camera pix

New battery icons

Updated voice search

Updated Su app & binary (thx ChainsDD)

Updated kernel to 34.1 (oc/uv 1190mhz) 720p, axi scaling, svs, etc..

Updated Titanium backup & APN backup

Fully functional market including Adobe Flash

Probably more….


eViL’s Q&D NXSense v.1.04Mirror


  1. Posizionare il file della rom nella SD
  2. Entrare in recovery mode
  3. Creare un nandroid backup
  4. Fare un wipe dei dati
  5. Installare la nuova rom

Se si utilizza Titanium Backup ripristinare solamente le applicazioni e non i dati di sistema.

Per chi preferisce l’interfaccia SENSE standard, flashare da recovery questo zip (il telefono deve essere avviato con l’interfaccia originale prima di installare questo zip; creare un nandroid backup): Theme_original_Sense_for_NexTSense

Fonte: XDA

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