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HTC America licenzia il 20% dei suoi dipendenti


htc-moneyCrisi! Questa terribile parola che, oramai da qualche anno entrata con estrema violenza nella vita di tutti, è diventata la scusa più utilizzata per giustificare le drastiche decisioni delle aziende. L’ultima, in ordine di tempo, arriva dalla divisione americana di HTC che ha deciso di licenziare trenta dei suoi dipendenti, il 20% del totale.

Ovviamente la scelta sarebbe motivata dalla necessità di ottimizzare e snellire la divisione  e siamo sicuri che ognuno dei trenta licenziati non avrà battuto ciglio di fronte alla terribile notizia che, secondo quanto raccontato da alcuni di loro, sarebbe arrivata alla fine di una normale giornata di lavoro. Non si conoscono quale aree saranno colpite maggiormente ma la casa di Taiwan, nel documento che ha rilasciato, si dice pronta a trattare con il massimo rispetto coloro i quali saranno licenziati e farà in modo che sia possibile il loro “riposizionamento” (altra parola terribile) presso altre situazioni lavorative. Immagino che i trenta licenziati saranno sicuramente gratificati da queste parole e non si lasceranno turbare dal fatto di non poter più provvedere al mantenimento proprio e delle proprie famiglie. La crisi….. Ne usciremo mai?

pulsante bandiera1HTC America dismisses 20% of its employees

Crisis! This terrible word which, from some years, has hitted with extreme violence in our life, has become the most used excuse to justify the drastic decisions of the companies. The last in order of time, comes from the American division of HTC that has decided to lay off thirty of its employees, 20% of the total.

Obviously the choice is motivated by the need to optimize and streamline the division and we are sure that each of the thirty cutted will not flinch in the face of terrible news that, as told by some of them, would come at the end of a normal working day . We don’t know which areas will be most affected, but HTC, in one statement, says it is ready to treat with the utmost respect those who will be laid off and will ensure that it is possible their “repositioning” (another awful word ) in other work situations. I guess the thirty fired will surely gratified by these words, and they will not be disturbed by the fact of not being able to provide for their and their families maintenance. The crisis ….. Will we never be outside?

“Today’s reduction in force is a decisive action by HTC Corp (US) to streamline and optimize our organization and improve efficiencies after several years of aggressive growth.  Realigning its human resources against key strategic initiatives will help HTC more effectively advance into a new stage of growth and innovation. This is a hard decision that has direct impact on people who have contributed to the growth HTC has experienced the past several years. However, to achieve our long-term goals as a business and return maximum value to our shareholders, this is a necessary step to drive ongoing innovation, ensure our ability to create strong products like the HTC One, and forge strong customer relationships that solidify our future.  HTC is proud of its employees and has a track record of hiring the best and brightest; we continue to hire in strategic areas and encourage impacted employees to apply for open positions that are a fit for their skills.”

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