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Firmware: Cyanogenmod 6 RC1 per Desire.



Come promesso il firmware di Cyanogenmod 6 RC1, basato sui sorgenti AOSP di Froyo, è giunto anche sull’HTC Desire. E con questa new entry il grande cuoco Cyanogen ha le tre stelle Michelin assicurate 🙂




  • ANDROID: Google, HTC, Qualcomm, and everybody else. We <3 U
  • Common: Deskclock extra settings – cyanogen, mtwebster
  • Common: ADWLauncher 0.9 – Ander Webbs
  • Common: Music app enhancements – Eliot Stocker
  • Common: Phone mod V.30.1 – cytown
  • Common: WyContacts 1.2 – Wysie (port to Froyo by Sileht)
  • Common: Superuser 2.2.2 – Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)
  • Common: MMS enhancements from Ruqqq, Takuo Kitame, jeagoss, temporalshadows
  • Common: Improved RTL text rendering – David Kohen, Omri Baumer
  • Common: Themable user interface elements – Wysie, bcrook, jeagoss
  • Common: FLAC playback support – Kenny Root, Cyanogen, Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Lockscreen enhancements – Wysie
  • Common: Long-press home options – Wysie, bcrook
  • Common: OpenVPN support – James Bottomley, Takuo Kitame
  • Common: Br0tips – Kmobs
  • Common: Browser incognito mode – Optedoblivion
  • Common: Zipalign on install (if needed) + system dex cache to /cache – Cyanogen/Chris Soyars
  • Common: Customizable Nexus LWP – Chris Soyars/Cyanogen
  • Common: JIT toggle, configurable heapsize, compcache supprt – Cyanogen
  • Common: Adjustable haptic feedback – Michael Webster
  • Common: Custom wallpapers – jairomeo, prash, SatanR1
  • Common: Battery percentage display – canadiancow, jeagoss
  • Common: Trackball wake, trackball unlock, menu unlock – Jon Boekenoogen/Kmobs
  • Common: Surfaceflinger night mode and effects – Jeff Sharkey, widget from Wysie
  • Common: Reflow webviews on pinch option – Jonas Larsson
  • Common: Enhanced accelerometer settings – Jonas Larsson
  • Common: A2DP bugfixes – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Browser fullscreen mode and other enhancements – Wysie
  • Common: Translations: Takuo Kitame, Matthias Büchner, Eug89, comercy
  • Common: Major build system enhancements by Chris Soyars & Koush
  • Common: Long press volume buttons to skip songs – Jon Boekenoogen
  • Common: Accelerated ARMv7 JPEG decoding – Qualcomm
  • Common: Skia acceleration on ARMv7 – Qualcomm
  • Common: Patch wrangling – Cyanogen, Chris Soyars, Koush
  • Common: Bluetooth HID support – Erin Yueh @ 0xlab
  • Common: Mouse pointer support – Chih-Wei Huang (android-x86)
  • Common: Configurable install location + allow move any app to external storage – Cyanogen
  • Common: Busybox and rsync Android ports from Dylex
  • Common: nano, and libncurses are now built from source. – cvpcs
  • Common: Dual camera support – Cyanogen
  • Common: Support for HTC camera firmware with extra features – Cyanogen, Qualcomm
  • Common: Other camera enhancements – Cyanogen
  • Common: Customizable status bar – Michael Webster
  • Common: Lockscreen music controls – Kmobs
  • Common: "Roam Only" mode – jrgutier
  • Common: Mobile data toggle for power widget – Drakaz
  • N1/DS: Kernel 2.6.34 with Pershoot/Kmobs clock settings
  • D/S: Camera reverse engineering by NCommander & Cyanogen
  • D/S: Kernel patches for stability from Zinx Verituse
  • D/S: MT3G Fender/1.2 support from Zinx Verituse
  • D/S: Better media profiles – Charan Singh
  • EVO: Kernel base from toastcfh, display patches from AssassinsLament and netarchy, backport of various features from Cyanogen
  • EVO: Sprint MMS fixes – Darchstar, toastcfh

I sorgenti sono disponibili all’indirizzo http://github.com/CyanogenMod


  • – Se è la prima volta che installate CM6 sul vostro Desire (o provenite da una versione di CM6 Nightlies odexed)
    • Se non li avete ottenete i privilegi di Root ed installate la Clockwork Recovery (è raccomandato l’utilizzo del metodo Unrevoked).
    • Effettuate un Nandroid backup!
    • Aggiornate la vostra radio! La nuova radio di Froyo 2.2è necessario, download a seguire.
    • WIPE
    • Installate la Rom
    • Installate i Google Addon se desiderate le applicazioni Google
  • -Se state aggiornando da una versione precedente di CM6
    • Effettuate un Nandroid backup!
    • Installate la Rom (le Google apps già presenti saranno mantenute e non sarà necessario installarle nuovamente)

Latest version: 6.0.0-Desire-RC1 – 07/26/2010
Download: http://www.tap3w0rm….-RC1-signed.zip
MD5Sum: 7085b20a3054f68234feef2f23629312


Google Addon: FRF91-HDPI
Mirror: http://kanged.net/mi…RF91-signed.zip


Radio Firmware: (FROYO RADIO, REQUIRED!)
Radio: http://www.tap3w0rm…._5.09.00.08.zip
MD5Sum: 3321c196d8ec1cf748fd20c3c4068520


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