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CyanogenMOD v5.0.8 Stabile è arrivata!


Finalmente dopo tante build di test, che abbiamo visto nei precedenti articoli, CyanogenMod-5.0.8 per il Nexus One, Droid, Dream, e Magic è  arrivata!

A detta di Cyanogen questa è la miglior release mai rilasciata! C’è talmente tanta nuova roba che addirittura non saprai cosa     fartene 🙂 ! E ADW-Launcher è ora inserito di default! Un altro punto di riferimento per la community underground di Android!

A seguire changelog completo – link al download e guida installazione




—- 5.0.8

  • Common: Resync with Google as of 06/08/2010
  • Common: Kernel 2.6.34 for DS & N1
  • Common: ADWLauncher 0.8.6 by Ander Webbs is now the default launcher(http://github.com/anderweb)
  • Common: Complete music app overhaul (with gestures support) by Eliot Stocker (http://github.com/eliotstocker)
  • Common: Customizable silent mode – Glenn Maynard (http://github.com/zewt)
  • Common: More customizable colors for various parts of the system (in Spare Parts) – Wysie & Bcrook
  • Common: Updated translations from Eug89, ThiasB, and Takuo Kitame
  • Common: Wired headset hangup/mute control – Krazy Krivda (http://github.com/krazykrivda)
  • Common: Updated USB tether and Bluetooth PAN tethering – Stefan Tomanek (http://github.com/wertarbyte)
  • Common: Bluetooth DUN tether support (Omni-Tether) – Stefan Tomanek (http://github.com/wertarbyte)
  • Common: Various minor bugfixes
  • Common: Ability to load custom color theme xml – Wysie
  • Common: Various code cleanups all throughout the source – Christian Mehlmauer
  • Common: Fix issue where notifications would play thru the HW speaker even if a headset was connected
  • Common: Only load IPV6 if persist.net.ipv6 is set – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Enabled experimental Bluetooth voice dialing – copolii
  • Common: Fix an NPE in AccountManagerService
  • Common: Fix FLAC decoder lock contention – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Fix BlueZ logging – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Fix A2DP not connecting while asleep – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Fix BT control connection race condition (caused A2DP connection failures) – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Fix the “magic music” or “party-in-your-pocket” problem for good – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: ADW Launcher settings and Spare Parts are now under the main Settings app
  • Common: Fix brightness going out of range – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Fix parsing of SMS messages from short numbers – Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Improve BiDi text rendering – Dudy Kohen
  • Common: Fix WindowManagerService issue that could cause apps to get OOM killed out of order
  • Common: Busybox updated to 1.16.2 – Dylan Simon
  • D/S: Kernel tweaks to hopefully improve memory usage- enable TINY_RCU and deadline iosched
  • D/S: Multitouch and swipe added to legacy gallery app
  • D/S: Long standing “disappearing icons” Launcher bug fixed – Glenn Maynard
  • D/S: Fix acore crash when pressing hard call button – Glenn Maynard
  • D/S: Fix issue where camera use kills all system audio
  • D/S: Added antibanding to camera driver
  • D/S: Fix bug where some wall chargers could disable the USB port
  • D/S: Load the correct audio profile for the device to fix glitchy audio on Dream
  • D/S: Default compcache size set to 12MB
  • D/S: Offset the lowmemorykiller to allow for use of a fraction of swap (Dumfuq & Farmatito @XDA)
  • D/S: Prevent allocation failure when enabling Compcache
  • N1: Debounce power button (Arve @ Google)
  • N1: Target new radio version (FRF50)
  • N1: Wireless driver update from Broadcom
  • N1: Use Froyo RIL and dormancy settings
  • N1: 720p video recording support from Charansingh & Wysie
Link al download Nexus One:

5.0.8-N1 – 19/06/2010
Download: http://cyanogen-upda…8-N1-signed.zip
Download: http://android.cheml…8-N1-signed.zip
MD5: 70aa95ee1b22101901cd75e9bc6e92ba

Google Addon: EPF30+
Mirror: http://www.mediafire…php?mjzwozjojkh

Firmware Radio : FRF50 (Froyo radio obbligatoria!)
Download: http://android.cheml….06.00.12_7.img
MD5: 3321c196d8ec1cf748fd20c3c4068520

Link al download HTC Dream/G1:

5.0.8-DS – 06/19/2010
Download: http://cyanogen-upda…8-DS-signed.zip
Download: http://android.cheml…8-DS-signed.zip
MD5: 48f0c4304ed66c1528bf0bf098b04cb4

Google Addon: ERE36B
Download: http://kanged.net/mi…E36B-signed.zip
Mirror: http://www.mediafire…php?marqwt53ii0

Magic 32A/EBI1 Kernel Update:
Download: http://briancrook.ca…ebi1-signed.zip
MD5: 591ca4356de8d9478797932e0586ea88

Guida installazione Nexus One:

– Stai flashando per la prima volta una ROM di Cyanogen?
1. Sblocca il bootloader ed installa una recovery modificata come Amon-RA ( se hai già altre customROMS salta questo step)
2. Fai un Nandroid Backup!
3. Aggiorna la tua radio se necessario!
4. Fai un Wipe di tutte le opzioni
5. Installa la ROM
5b. Installa opzionalmente i Google Add-on (Market,Gmail… )

– Facendo un upgrade da una precedente ROM di cyanogen?
1. Fai un Nandroid Back-up
2. Flasha la ROM (le tue App Google verranno backupate automaticamente)

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