Il Laboratorio Italiano Android e Google Chrome

Dopo i porting non ufficiali per Motorola Milestone ed Htc Tattoo la rom preferita dagli utenti Android CyanogenMod sarà portata , questa volta ufficialmente, su numerosi nuovi dispositivi: Acer Liquid, Htc Wildfire, Samsung Vibrant (la versione T-mobile del Galaxy S) ed HTC G2 (speriamo che sia installabile anche sul Desire Z e che ci liberi dalla Sense 🙂 )

Cyano apre le porte a nuovi sviluppatori che vogliano collaborare ad effettuare i porting sui nuovi dispositivi ecco le sue parole :

“A lot of people ask me about adding support for their phone, but we can only support phones that we actually own. The CM team is always looking for newhackers to join up with us to add support for their favorite device. Get in touch with me if you’d like to help.

CyanogenMod is open source. The quality of code being added to CM has vastly improved because of the code review system that we’ve put in place, Gerrit. It’s the same system used by Google to manage the Android Open Source Project. It allows anyone to submit code to the project in a highly-visible way and gives us a way to examine and improve it before it’s actually merged. We want your code, so send us your patches. If there’s something you don’t like, change it”

Fonte: CyanogenMod via Androidpolice