Il Laboratorio Italiano Android e Google Chrome

Vi ricordate questa funzionalità che fu annunciata durante l’evento HTC del 15 settembre? Il nuovo servizio on-the-cloud per i dispositivi Android Desire Z & HD è ora disponibile e completamente funzionante da ieri pomeriggio. Per chi non lo sapesse, questi nuovi servizi (per ora disponibili solo sui nuovi cellulari dotati di Sense 2.0) permettono di eseguire molteplici operazioni da remoto come tracciare la posizione del dispositivo, formattarlo da remoto, vedere i messaggi.

Ecco una lista (in inglese, in via di traduzione), delle cose che si possono fare con

  • Lost your phone? Go to and use it to make your phone ring… loudly… even it’s set to vibrate. Hopefully it’s nearby – buried in the sofa or under a stack of papers. Sorted. Another option is to use to locate your phone and see where it is on the map – literally. And in the worst case – if you see that your phone is someplace that it definitely should not be (like the train tracks headed out of town), use to lock it and erase all the personal data from it. Sorted!
  • holds on to all the text messages you send or receive. That way, you can go back in time to easily find that special message.
  • makes it easier than ever to add pics from your computer for all the friends on your phone. And of course, you can add new friends and their details to your phone via your computer, as well.
  • Keeping track of what you’ve done and where you’ve been – plus adding what you’d like to go and see – is easy on with Footprints. Use the integrated GoogleMaps and your computer to create Footprints of the cool spots you want to see.
  • You will find a large selection of HTC tested and reviewed apps that you can install with confideeeeence! So come on down and try it out!
  • gives you a handy way to recommend apps you’ve tried and think others will appreciate. You also see what your friends suggest you try.
  • Choose from hundreds of cool wallpapers and a wide selection of sound-sets, scenes and useful (and sometimes just fun) widgets. Want to update your style? Return to and change your phone’s personality as often as you like.

Devo dire la verità, sono dei servizi davvero interessanti. Speriamo di vederli al più presto anche su HTC Desire e Nexus one!


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